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Daily Commodity Futures Price Chart: March 2019

YMH9 advanced stock charts: view historical YMH9 data and compare to other stocks and exchanges. Get instant access to a free live streaming chart for the Dow 30 Futures CFDs.

Dow 30 Futures Interactive Chart

Today's Dow Indu 30 E-Mini futures prices, YM*0 Dow Indu 30 E-Mini futures, Dow Indu 30 E-Mini commodities, charts and quotes.

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The first significant criteria would be the advantage that you have over the game. In this case, the game is commodity trading. The advantage, for our purposes, will be the odds that each trade will be a successful one. If the odds were dead even, it would be a chance of making money on any given trade. The second criteria, is the percent of capital used on each individual trade. Coming into critical levels.

Buying is there, but selling could come in at any time. Watch the previous supply lines. DOW JONES Untested levels lie above and below You can have pending orders in either direction With this information, do what you will But always remember execution is everything Pretty charts don't equal profits, so always remember to take proper risk adjusted setups: Most likely, we are in for some more chop before the trend re-asserts itself.

The main fulcrum to the upside is currently at more or less. Based on volatility considerations, it seems like we're in a consolidation pattern after the leg lower.

This might last some time - possibly until Brexit March or the EU elections. We are not buyers in current conditions. We broke out of this pattern last Friday, green boxes are targets. Careful that we don't form a rising wedge continuation to the downside.

I will be showing you YM renko charts in a moment — those will be 4 renko bricks, and the price envelope percent setting is. The first thing I did when I looked at the charts was to add a volume indicator with a 9 period moving average.

You can see on the chart where I marked a couple of times and the volume:. These numbers compare to a 9 period moving average of volume at 9: Download the time and volume indicator files for NinjaTrader and TradeStation — look at the chart below for notes about the indicators and the inputs. Import the NinjaTrader indicator zip file into the program — open the TradeStation indicator zip file to get the.

You are now looking at the YM tick chart, and we will also look at the renko 4 brick chart that synchs with it. We will look at the renko chart for synch, but do note that there are renko trade setups at the 2 yellow circles on the tick chart.

The potential issue with this trade is the purple line at , 16 points away as partial1 — compared to the yellow line area above the blue line:. The yellow dot is a renko base trade setup — and this is what synchs with yellow circle1 on the tick chart. Again we have a renko trade setup — I really like the renko brick pattern associated to the trade.

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