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Renowned Harvard Psychologist Calls ADHD A Fraud That Only Benefits The Pharmaceutical Industry.

SilverSneakers is free through many Medicare Advantage plans. Here may be the best part about SilverSneakers through several strategic partnerships with private healthcare providers such as Humana and United Healthcare among others, memberships in . Find answers to your SilverSneakers program frequently asked questions. Learn about what SilverSneakers is, how it works, if your Medicare plan pays for it, what carriers offer it and what gyms accept SilverSneaker memberships here!

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WHAT IS SILVER SNEAKERS? If you are about to turn 65, you might have heard about “SilverSneakers” and wondered what it is and how it works. Well simply put, Silver Sneakers Medicare is a fitness program for seniors. Let me elaborate on that. The primary mission of the program is to help seniors reach a standard [ ].

Can they deny me for these minor health issues? Since you are past your Medigap initial enrollment period, you will have to answer medical questions, and, unfortunately can be denied coverage. When I will be retiring can I still get Medigap? If you continue with qualifying job-based insurance, and you delay Part B coverage, your Medigap initial enrollment period will begin when you enroll in Part B no matter the age. Remember to always check with HR and your current insurance company to ensure that your plan qualifies.

Am I correct to assume that if a doctor participates in original Medicare, the doctor also defaults to participating in Medicare Supplement plans too? Susan, You are correct! In any case, I may be going in for knee surgery soon and I want to know, if I have the surgery before I retire and go on Medicare September , will the insurance company hold the surgery against me in some way or reject me because of it? Will my Medicare premium be higher because of it?

If you enroll when you turn 65 and first eligible for Part B, you should not have any waiting periods or preexisting condition issues when you enroll in Medigap. For Medicare Advantage you can always enroll regardless of preexisting conditions.

If you need help choosing between a Medigap and Medicare Advantage plan please call us at I live in Washington State. Prices for Advantage plans have increased dramatically in recent years. Zip code is Get your gym on! Can a medigap insurer increase premiums for a group of people based on a medical condition occurring after the policy has been in effect? Lynn, Thank you for your question. Medigap does not increase individual premiums based on medical conditions diagnosed after the effective date.

If you have any further questions, please call My husband had heart bypass and cancer in He turned 65 the end of January. He signed up for medicare part A and B. Now we are rethinking that he should Sign up for medigap and Part D.

Can we still do that and if we can will we have problems because of his past medical history? Your husband should still be within his Medigap initial 6-month enrollment period begins the 1st day of the month he turns 65 and eligible for Part B. This means preexisting conditions should not apply.

Please call us at for further questions. Am I correct that postponing Part D Drug enrollment until I need it makes sense, because the premium penalty is so slight compared with postponing Part B?

Thanks for answering questions with so much real-world experience! Dan, Welcome to the 65 and over club! Also thank you for your questions. If the penalty is not prohibitive to you, you can enroll late, however, most of our clients enroll when they are first eligible. Hope this helps and happy holidays! I have been trying to research these plans for 3 months. I am new to medicare. This is the only site which I have found that is informative and somewhat reduces the confusion. I read that all Medigap plans are alike and the differences are the pricing.

I have been told that Physicians Mutual of Omaha has more coverage under plan F than other insurance companies. Of course it costs more. Do you know if that is the case?

This is news to us. We would love to review these claims as we are highly dubious. My husband is 67 and very healthy.

He says it not worth the money since he only works part time and we have little savings. He has medicare part a and b. What would you do in this circumstance? Sheila, Thank you for your question. There are some lower priced Medigap plans available that will make you both happy. We suggest that you contact an agent at so that we can find a plan to work for you. I am concerned with coverage during travel. What are you likely to be liable for should you be injured or become ill while traveling and require either medical attention or ambulance transport to a medical facility.

I have heard horror stories about injuries requiring air transport to facilities out of network, then transport home. Clark, Thanks so much for the compliment. It depends where you are traveling and which type of coverage you have. Medigap plans offer nationwide coverage, and some Medigap plans cover foreign emergency healthcare. Since this is a concern of yours call to learn which plan is right for you. I have not found a more informative site than this one.

Outstanding However, I do have a question as well. Thank you for any help you can provide. Carlton, Thank you so much for the compliment and question. If you have any further questions call us at I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in May, , had surgery and chemo, and my 1 year anniversary testing showed no recurrence.

This all cost me one heck of a lot of money. I would like to switch to a Medigap policy but will I be rejected because of a pre-existing condition? Would it help if I stayed with the same carrier, Humana?

Can I expect it to cost another heck of a lot of money? Nancy, Thank you for your questions. Generally speaking you have one guaranteed enrollment period for Medigap and that is when you turn 65 and first eligible for Part B. If you have passed this window you may or may not find a plan to cover you. However, Medicare open enrollment begins on October 15th. At this time you can switch to any other Medicare Advantage plan regardless of preexisting conditions, and in some states you may qualify for a Medicare Special Needs plan.

You may be able to find a different Medicare Advantage plan that might save you money moving forward. Please call us at if you have any further questions. She is on several prescription drugs. Are there any additional prescription drug plans that we can add? Or how do most people handle their medicine? Pay out of pocket? Renee, Thank you for the questions. There are separate prescription drug plans available if she decides to enroll in a Medigap plan. Most people who enroll in Medigap also enroll in a Medicare Plan D drug plan.

For further questions call to speak with an agent directly. I can change my state retirement insurance when I start receiving Medicare to a much lower cost than what I pay now. It will be the same coverage but Medicare would be primary. I would have no deductibles. Is this considered a supplemental Medigap policy? Which is better, staying with my same coverage higher premium than what I have seen other Medigap coverage or getting a regular Medigap policy?

I have to get a couple of MRIs every year along with medicines I take daily. I also get infusions on occasion. Anyone have any input? Pat, Thank you for your questions. Since you have a very specific case it is best that you call so that an agent can help you make the right decision. Dave, Thank you for your question. Visit our sister site http: I have one question: So they come out almost the same. Mary Jo, Thank you for your question. Call and we can help you decide which plan is the most cost effective.

Is this not a good thing to have a cap. It is through General Electric. We suggest that you give us a call at for help with your specific Medicare question. And if I take original Medicare and want policies to cover prescription drugs I have to purchase that as well? I take this to mean that, if no money is not a consideration, I would take original Medicare and purchase both a Medigap policy and a prescription drug policy? You are correct on all of the above: This blog looks just like my old one!

Outstanding choice of colors! I am 59 and after 24 months on disability I am eligible for medicare. I will go with an advantage plan because medigap is too costly for me. Hope that helps, Chris at Medicoverage. We have limited scripts 2 that are low and medium generic levels. Are near to choosing Advantage Plan vs. Medigap because historical medical needs have been minimal.

Given our generally healthy histories, low script needs and no cost for Advantage plan, we lean that direction. However, you indicate that if we choose a Medigap plan later that we will be penalized for that decision. We have three days to retract our enrollment in Advantage so we appreciate a prompt response, if possible. Jerry, It looks as though you have done your homework. There is no guarantee that you will be approved at a competitive rate if you try to apply for Medigap after open enrollment.

I am researching medigap and advantage plans. The last agent we had to discuss medigap said that most des. Will eventually get out of advantage and then if we choose to switch from advantage to medigap we will be denied access or at a very high premium.

And that advantage seniors will end up having to go to authorized clinics in years to come. Are these just scare tactics or is there any truth in this. Medicare Advantage MA offers a smaller network of doctors and hospitals, whereas Medigap works with the entire Medicare network of doctors and hospitals.

Call and an agent will help you decide whether an MA plan or Medigap is right for you. Just wanted to respond. I thoroughly loved your post. Keep up the great work on www. Thank you for making your site available. My question is, when you sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, do you pay for the plan and Medicare parts A and B? Or do you just have to pay for the Advantage plan? The same question applies if you purchase a Medigap plan.

Medigap cost plus Medicare Parts A and B? John, Thank you for your questions. Most seniors with Medicare do not pay a Part A premium. This is because it is a supplemental plan. Medicare Advantage replaces Original Medicare, and therefore whether you pay your Part B premium will vary by the insurance provider you choose.

The financial benefit of Medicare Advantage is that many times MA plans do not require a monthly payment. Need to look at alternatives in NH. Thinking Medicare Plan F option would be something to consider as she lives on social security income. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Louise, Thank you for your question. Medigap F is the most popular and comprehensive of all the Medicare Supplement plans. How much are copays or costs out of pocket normally for a MRI in advantage plans? I called Blue Cr and they will not tell me.

Lisa, Thank you for your question. Medicare Advantage plans cover services differently depending on the exact plan and specific network. Please give us a call and we can discuss how costs work.

This is all so helpful and glad to get clarification between Medigap and Advantage plans - I almost made a misinformed mistake! Can you please tell me what is Part B Excess and is this a big deal to not have it available? Joanne, Thanks for the questions. If your doctor charges more than the Medicare agreed amount that is considered a Part B excess charge. If you do not have a Medigap plan that covers excess charges, you would have to pay that additional amount out of your own pocket.

On the other hand, a Medigap plan that includes the Part B excess charges benefit will pay that additional charge for you.

As more and more doctors have complained about low Medicare reimbursement, we feel that this benefit will be important to have in the future. As for Medigap Plan F, it is available in Michigan. Call to learn which plans are available in your area. Tx for the info on your site, it is very helpful. Dixie, Thanks for your question. You are correct that the Medigap limit is a lifetime limit, not an annual limit.

However, these days are NOT a replacement of the 90 days you receive from Original Medicare…they are additional days. Read our article about how Medigap covers costs beyond Original Medicare to learn more. Thank you for this site! Yes, I am convinced that Medigap is better than Medicare Advantage. I am under 65, on medicare for disability, but other than that I am reasonably healthy and do not currently have any need for prescription drugs.

Are there other options other than Part D for the occasional antibiotics or medications that I may need? The reason you would consider a Part D plan is to cover you if you were prescribed a much more expensive brand name drug. The cost for certain medications can add up quickly and a Part D plan can help contain costs. Also you will want to consider a Part D plan during your first open enrollment time. If you would like to talk about specific Part D plans, please give us a call.

Recently they want all retirees to enroll in their sponsored United Healthcare Group Medicare Advantage program for I am not for sure what the benefits are for this plan but we do want a plan that will step in and help out when our medicare coverage stops.

Give us a call and we can discuss. My former employer is dropping their Medicare supplement plan for over retirees my husband so we have to choose between a United Healthcare Advantage plan or one of the Medigap plans. He takes a number of prescriptions, mostly generic, but is in good physical health otherwise. He also has a DNR in place, so very long hospitalizations are unlikely. My understanding is that nursing home care is not covered by anyone. So my question is -is Medicare advantage or Medigap better for him?

In any decision you will want to compare benefits of each plan with each plans monthly premium. For your specific case we suggest you call us at so we can get you a quote and help you select the right plan for you and your husband.

I am in the middle of trying to make a decision on insurance plans. Straight honest answers to vulnerable and most times confused people. Student arrested for allegedly planning mass shootings at California schools Police said they thwarted potential mass shootings at two schools in California.

What you need to know to start your day. The White House is planning a series of events to push its shutdown message. Mother charged in death of 7-year-old who was found in Denver storage unit She was charged with child abuse resulting in the death of Caden McWilliams. Woman allegedly attacked parents because they wouldn't take her to Outback Steakhouse Sheriff's deputies found a large glass dining room table flipped over.

Student hopes 'rape by fraud' case will help expose loophole in sexual assault laws What Abigail Finney considered to be rape was dismissed under Indiana law. Dancer who lost part of leg in Boston Marathon bombing 'thrown into the air' by car Adrianne Haslet wrote on Instagram that she is "completely broken.

Man arrested in connection with California bowling alley shooting that killed 3 The suspect was released from a California state prison in , police said.

Parolee charged in young dad's death at campground Anthony Raud is accused of killing Tristan Beaudette, 35, in June Police officer hits, kills 4-year-old walking on school sidewalk with squad car The officer was attempting to park on the sidewalk to watch the buses loading.

Grandfather credits 9-year-old grandson for saving his life: Small Michigan town mourning family killed by wrong-way driver on Kentucky interstate Five members of a Michigan family were killed by a wrong-way driver in Kentucky. This day in history: Woman sentenced to life for killing her alleged sex trafficker granted clemency She was the subject of "Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story," a documentary.

Michigan town mourns family killed in crash Dr. Rima Abbas, her husband, Issam Abbas, and their three children -- Ali, 14, Isabella, 13, and Giselle, 7 -- all perished in the fiery crash early Inmates call when officer collapses on road.

Inmates call when officer collapses on road: Boy, 9, saves grandfather's life Kazin Crisman thought "something was up" when his year-old grandfather was unresponsive. Young firefighter falls to his death Probationary firefighter Steven Pollard came from a family of firefighters. Former Uber driver pleads guilty for deadly shooting spree instead of going to trial Six were killed in the string of shootings in the Kalamazoo, Michigan, area.

Arrest in scientist's murder at Malibu campground; suspect tied to 10 other shootings Anthony Raud is accused of killing Tristan Beaudette, 35, in June Woman sentenced to life for killing her alleged sex trafficker granted clemency Cyntoia Brown was convicted in of the murder of Johnny Allen, a year-old real estate broker she claims was trafficking her for sex.

Suspect arrested in case of 7-year-old girl shot dead Eric Black Jr. Kevin Spacey pleads not guilty. Uber driver shooting spree suspect pleads guilty Jason Dalton, the former Michigan Uber driver set to stand trial for a shooting spree that killed six, said Monday he was pleading guilty to all Kevin Spacey arraigned on sex assault charge in Nantucket court The Oscar-winning actor is accused of sexually assaulting an year-old busboy.

Mass shootings related to domestic violence often receive less attention, experts say But too often, domestic violence doesn't receive the same media attention. The US averaged at least 1 deadly mass shooting a month in The list of deadly shootings continues to grow. Slain officer killed while chasing fugitive mourned by police departments across US Joseph Shinners, 29, who was killed Saturday, is survived by his wife and son. Firefighter falls to his death responding to call Steve Pollard, 30, slipped through a gap in an elevated section of a roadway, officials said.

Nevada inmate whose execution was called off found dead. Police officer, 29, shot dead in the line of duty Officer Joseph Shinners was shot in Orem, Utah, trying to apprehend a fugitive Saturday night, authorities said.

Man arrested for murder of 7-year-old girl The family's attorney says the family and multiple witnesses may have confused a fleeing bystander for the actual shooter. As a major Pacific storm heads east, 2 more head for the West Coast The region should expect more heavy rain, wind and snow beginning Tuesday. Shutdown, Spacey and Warren.

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