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Options, on the other hand, come in two types one is call option, and the other is put option. The option binds a legal agreement between the parties giving a right to the buyer to buy the stock at the current price during the liquid life of the contract. Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world.

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Quora (/ ˈ k w ɔːr ə /) is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions.

I have blocked quora from showing in my search result. I wish they would opt of on google search so it would not show up on any search result. That's not my view, nor what I'm arguing. I am arguing that Quora, as an immense human knowledge base, has an obligation to find a better way to navigate these tradeoffs than just disabling all archiving for everyone.

They are asking something of IA -- that's made clear in their robots. They want IA to provide an API for Quora to automatically update content to reflect individual Quora users' desires to remove their content or identification. As far as I know, they've not made this clear to their user base which does not read robots. I suspect the Quora user base has widely varying assumptions over what happens to their contributions. I'm afraid most people won't acknowledge your right to make their decisions for them.

We're talking about Quora's defaults, here. Individuals still have recourse to remove content from the Archive. And even if Quora restricts the Archive, others who ignore robots. That's what makes Quora different than Snapchat, or Whisper. Posting an answer on Quora is an act of publishing. Like all other forms of publishing: That's been the case since before the Internet. Now that we have a massive and lively Internet, its Archive is all the more necessary.

I can understand you personally wanting to avoid placing your own content on sites that have a no-archive policy, but what you're saying here is effectively that no-one should be able to place content on no-archive sites. Remember Quora is not asking anything of the IA, they're not lobbying them to change their policy, they've just taken a particular view that they want to opt out.

They've made this clear to their user base, which is also not required to use Quora if they don't want to. If you feel so strongly you could contribute to other sites that are pro-archiving, like Wikipedia or Stackexchange, of which there are many available.

Some sites have built their entire value proposition on non-archiving of user content, like Snapchat. I think the very first post on this comment thread was pretty insightful. You are free to make whatever decisions you like.

That decision is for the Quora team to make. That decision is for you to make, and other writers to make, not for Quora. You retain your copyright when contributing to Quora, and your ability to request that material you wrote be taken down from the Archive and anywhere else it may appear. The Archive is certainly not the only entity that might try to archive Quora, but this robots.

The Archive obeys robots. In other words, the issue here is not about whether or not people have a right to privacy, or to be forgotten. The issue here is what can be automated, and what the defaults should be. Currently, Quora allows no automation, and has no apparent way for users to opt-in to automatically having their content preserved outside of Quora.

And so right now, this massive knowledge base is not being publicly preserved, in case an individual user changes their mind about their comment or their identification after publishing. In my opinion, that tradeoff is totally unacceptable.

Individual users have recourse to take down content, and Quora should not make a blanket decision on every user's behalf. You're quick at making snap judgments based on your biases and shortsightedness. Please grow your understanding and widen your perspective about the issue before you publish such posts.

And who are you to decide that the mission comes with me losing the right to remove, edit or "anonymize" what I write on Quora. As a long time quora user, I've made one or two alterations that could otherwise have cost me my job and maybe a little more.

I'm glad the team has made such considerations to respect my privacy and that they feel it's more important for me to able to retain my job than for someone to find an accurate snapshot of how the early 18F team felt about their job and their work. You all are kidding, right? This is all the more reason to use Quora. I feel my privacy is that much more protected now that I understand this. My daughter used it for help with Latin homework. I ask or just read about things I somehow "missed" in high school.

I learn a lot on it. Kevin - they have a lengthy note in their robots. And one of their execs left a comment further down in this thread saying the same thing and an identical comment on Hacker News. My career involves web crawling. I'm the founder and CEO of Spinn3r and we've been crawling our customers for 7 years now. Long story short, these issues are far more complicated than just "X is blocking Y so X must hate Y" There are many legitimate reasons why Quora could have blocked the IA, but if so, they should resolve them and unblock the IA.

This is a BAD idea but people still do it. A crawler could trigger it. The IA may have accidentally abused their resources and requested too often. Unlikely but still possible. We deserve the right to be forgotten. However , your rights end where my rights begin. I have the right to remember. You don't have the right to force someone to delete their content.

Quora is amazing in that it's a smarted up version of Yahoo! As long as it "eats" them only in English? Quora should just be wiped off all search engines and, preferably, the internet. Their signup-required to view an answer is nothing but a shady, scammy practice. Marc Bodnick - That is a joke, right? Inside you'll learn a simple 7 step process..

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