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Konfigurieren globaler Richtlinien

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Office of the Secretary General. Radio-communication (ITU-R) Telecom Standardization (ITU-T) Telecom Development (ITU-D) TELECOM Exhibitions and Forum. Membership. In this page we want to provide simple examples for the most important annotations used by the Analytic Engine. S ee also Embedded Reporting on ABAP CDS views for more information to the CDS Views used in BW. Please note that also some non-analytics annotations are used by the OLAP Engine as you.

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Siehe Konfigurieren der lokalen Proxy-Einstellungen des Agent. Siehe Konfigurieren eines lokalen Update-Host. Wann immer Softwareupdates älter als 30 Tage sind, werden die Updates ohne Rücksicht auf den globalen Richtlinienzeitplan geliefert.

Die Option "System" befindet sich unter "Global". Klicken Sie zum Einrichten einer neuen Systemrichtlinie auf "Richtlinie hinzufügen". Geben Sie einen "Namen" und eine "Beschreibung" für die Richtlinie ein, um den Zweck der Systemrichtlinie zu dokumentieren. Sie können jetzt Proxy-Einstellungen konfigurieren und lokale Update-Hosts zuweisen. So konfigurieren Sie globale System-Proxy-Einstellungen. So weisen Sie lokale Update-Hosts zu. So konfigurieren Sie einen LiveUpdate-Zeitplan. Im nächsten Abschnitt wird der Vorgang beschrieben.

Computer in den ausgewählten Gruppen erhalten die neuen Proxy-Einstellungen, wenn die Richtlinienänderung übertragen wird. Ist diese Option aktiviert, können Sie geeignete lokale Update-Hosts für diese Systemrichtlinie auswählen.

We know that you want to look your best! Just open the Webcam pane in your Control Panel shown on the right. You will instantly see a preview of your webcam feed on the Webcam tab. You can share your screen or even a specific application with the other attendees in the meeting. Use the Screen button in your Control Panel or Grab Tab to quickly start and stop sharing the screen of your main monitor. The Control Panel includes a Chat pane where you can exchange messages with other attendees.

You'll see message notifications appear if your Control Panel is minimized to the Grab Tab. GoToMeeting allows you to record your meetings including shared screens and audio and convert them to a shareable format. This allows you to easily share past meetings with others. To save valuable space on your computer screen, you can collapse the full Control Panel into a small Grab Tab that will automatically "cling" to the sides of your screen.

Use the Arrow icons to collapse and expand the Control Panel. The GoToMeeting menu offers additional features and tools for you to use during you session, including checking your sound, saving your chat log and configuring your application preferences.

Show All Hide All. Need some more help getting the most out of GoToMeeting? See these additional resources to learn more.

Did you join from a Windows computer, but it looks different than what's shown above? If you're a Mac organizer, see our Mac Guide. GoToMeeting Control Panel 6: If you are trying to start your own meeting and end up in the Hallway shown on the right , click Sign in now to enter your organizer credentials and launch the meeting. Note that your attendees don't need to log in to join your meeting with the exception of password-protected meetings.

Select Computer audio to use your computer's mic and speakers. Select Phone call to use your telephone to dial in to the audio conference. Click the Arrow icon next to any participant's name to see all options, including the following: You can quickly see and copy these things to your clipboard in the following places: In the Attendees pane, click Invite at the bottom right.

This will open a drop-down menu with multiple options for sending info to your attendees. Use the Start sharing my drop-down menu to share a different monitor or even a specific application such as Powerpoint. Use the Change Presenter to menu to transfer the presenter controls to another person. Use the To drop-down menu to select your recipients: Select Everyone to send a public message to all participants. Select Organizer s only to send a message only to organizers and co-organizers.

Select a specific individual to send a private message to just that person. Click Record this meeting at the bottom of the Control Panel to get started. Once your meeting is over, the Recording Manager will automatically prompt you to convert the recording. Retain easy access to the Audio , Screen and Webcam buttons. Get new chat notifications when messages come in. Click the Attendees or Chat icons to expand only those panes.

Need some more help getting the most out of GoToMeeting? You'll see a Mic icon for Computer audio, or a Phone icon for phone call audio.

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