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POLESCHUK, Victor, Sr - With great sadness and heavy hearts we announce the sudden, but peaceful passing of our dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa, Victor Poleschuk Sr. on Wednesday, April 30, at the age of 88 years.

CPS has conceded that it should have done more to protect Jahmaurae before he was killed, and suspended the social worker in the case. At the time, the agency said the social worker "worked in isolation and did not follow established department procedures, such as: It remains unclear who completed portions of the file.

CPS documents show the social worker evaluated the case after a doctor reported to the agency June 17 that Jahmaurae might be the victim of physical abuse. That doctor reported finding a painful swelling and bruise on the boy's chest the size of an adult fist.

CPS documents indicate the social worker tried to contact the boy and his mother on June 19, going to their Foothill Farms apartment. The worker went to the wrong apartment at first, the documents state, and when she found the right apartment no one was home. She left her card on the door and returned to make another attempt at contact June 21, the documents state, and left her card again. She finally made contact when the mother called her June 23, according to an early version of the case file that was not released by CPS.

The social worker went to see the family the next day, and Jahmaurae told her that the bruise on his chest had come from a fight with his 3-year-old brother. He "denied being hit by anyone else," it said. At some point, the social worker filed a report that the allegation of abuse was "unfounded," sources said. In CPS jargon, "unfounded" means the report is determined not to be true, according to agency literature.

But another report on the case obtained by The Bee - also not the one ultimately released by CPS - does not reflect that finding. Instead, that version reads: This was evidenced by lack of disclosure from the minor that the mother's boyfriend had hit him.

Also, the minor's sic were observed jumping off furniture and throwing things at each other. However, the documents CPS eventually provided The Bee under the new disclosure law do not contain either the "unfounded" or "inconclusive" findings.

Instead, those documents show the allegation of abuse was "substantiated" on the day Jahmaurae died. Such a finding means "there is credible information to believe that child abuse or neglect did occur," CPS background materials show. The documents CPS provided also differ from an earlier version of the case file in other ways.

An entire passage in the document provided by a source does not appear in the documents released by CPS, and the content does not appear to be the type of sensitive information that typically would be redacted. That passage, dated June 23, , discusses what happened when the social worker finally heard from Jahmaurae's mother: The mother stated she was afraid that this social worker was trying to take her children. The mother stated she is new here from the Bay Area. This social worker told her that I have to see her and the children and do an assessment and then we would talk further.

William Grimm, a senior attorney at the Oakland-based National Center for Youth Law, said he was deeply disturbed by the "unfounded" report on Jahmaurae.

The suspect in the case is year-old Jonathan Lamar Perry, a 6-footinch, pound man who was in the apartment with Jahmaurae and the boy's month-old sister. The children's mother was at the hospital late that night with her 3-year-old son seeking treatment for an illness. Sheriff's investigators say Perry became angry at Jahmaurae and beat him to death, then called and reported the child had had a seizure and was unconscious.

Perry is charged with murder and child endangerment in the case, and also faces charges for the alleged abuse of the 3-year-old. He is being held in the Sacramento County Jail and has yet to enter a plea. Robert Wilson, executive director of Sacramento Child Advocates, said Friday he "would sure be interested to see how CPS explains" the different versions of the case file.

His office, whose attorneys represent children in dependency court, received the same version from CPS that The Bee was given this week. Fellmeth, a former prosecutor, said the California government code is "very, very broad" and makes it a criminal offense to alter a public record - even if that record won't be given to the public.

The proper way to make changes in public documents is to "overlay, or add the correction - not subtract or erase or alter. The three men will have a bail hearing tomorrow at the courthouse at Yonge Street corner of College at 10am.

Tim Line as Batman on judge's roof. Girl Escapes August 8, permalink This story of a missing girl, Brittany Jeppesen, makes no mention of family, so we presume she has escaped from the "care" of the children's aid society. Brittany Jeppesen has been missing since July Brittany is described as 5- feet-8 inches tall and pounds.

She has greenish-grey eyes, shoulder-length dark red hair and a light complexion She was last seen wearing a black and purple halter top with jean shorts, short green jacket with a peace sign on the back in black. She was also wearing black flip-flops and was carrying a purple shoulder bag with the peace sign on it. Brittany is believed to be in the Sudbury or Toronto area. If you have any information with regards to the whereabouts of this child, please contact police.

Lying to the public is not. Only after that route is exhausted is the child placed into a group home, Mr Dulmage is avoiding the consequences of his own financial mismanagement by resigning as of the end of In general, however, Mr. Dulmage said more children are coming into care requiring the outside resources of a residential group home setting. The philosophy is to try to keep the child in his or her own home, a foster home or parent model homes, if possible. Only after that route is exhausted is the child placed into a group home, and those outside resources are more expensive, he said.

The bottom line is that both the child and the caregivers must be safe, Mr. Bob Connor of Connor Homes and his son Sean, who is second-vice-president of the Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth, agree that there are more children with mental health issues such as those resulting from fetal alcohol syndrome or autism and who are developmentally handicapped.

But an association study has found that there is an average of four placements of a child elsewhere before the child ends up needing the care provided by hour staffing in a group home. By the time the child gets the right placement they require more services Before the situation worsens, intervention and assessments should take place. And there should be line-by-line accounting of where the CAS's funding is being spent along the way, Sean O'Connor added. The CAS has just undergone an in-depth service and financial review by the provincial government and the ministry has determined the children are being properly placed in group homes, Mr.

The deficit is primarily due to purchasing these outside "group home" residential resources. Dulmage Because children must be protected and that is the CAS mandate, there can be no waiting lists, he added. CAS even obliquely threatened them, suggesting the demonstration might be an inappropriate place to bring children.

Dugas and his friends were joined by around 30 fellow protestors of all ages, although some admitted to being there to support the young man's right to express his concerns in a peaceful and democratic way. Others clearly had their own agendas with the Children's Aid Society, although for the most part Mr. Dugas's message remained coherently his. The protest proceeded despite a meeting held between the children and CAS executive director Colette Prevost on Tuesday.

Perspectives on how that meeting went were decidedly different. Prevost said that while she met with the young protestor, it was difficult to answer many of his questions because they were very specific to one particular case-thereby being interdicted by the requirements of protecting the privacy rights of a ward of the CAS.

Dugas, in turn, was adamant that from his perspective the meeting was a complete wash. He said that he could not recall receiving answers to his questions even in general terms.

Dugas said that the CAS had sent out a letter a copy of which was provided to the Expositor warning foster parents that the demonstration might be an inappropriate place to bring children.

When asked if he had seen any 'bad people' at the protest, Mr. Dugas shook his head in the negative. Dugas maintains that his primary concern is ensuring that the Children's Aid Society investigates where they place children thoroughly to ensure they are not putting the child at risk. His particular concern was about a young friend of his who was placed in a home where he understands there were drugs and alcohol being used.

He maintains that the CAS did not act in a timely enough fashion to protect his friend and to remove the friend from that environment. Prevost said that the decision processes under which the CAS operates are very complex, and difficult even for more experienced adults to understand.

Prevost noted that the requirements of protecting and respecting the privacy of children can make communication in situations like these very frustrating for all parties involved. But she stressed that, contrary to the impression being given by the protesting children and their supporters, there does exist a very stringent system of accountability for the CAS. While claims have been made that the CAS does not have a system of independent oversight, Ms.

Prevost said that nothing could be further from the truth. The CAS internal complaint process provides a first level in an attempt to deal with a complainant's concerns. When that process does not solve the issue, Child and Family Services will review the matter in a provincially-mandated legal process.

In addition, every year a number of cases of the CAS receive a random audit to ensure that legal standards are being met by the CAS.

Prevost clarified that the CAS concerns with the demonstration were more to do with the appropriateness of the venue as a means of communication. Prevost said she would have preferred to see the demonstration held in a venue such as a school gymnasium.

Killens went on to say that he is in support of an initiative to have the CAS placed under the purview of the Ontario Ombudsman's Office. Ontario, he claims, does not. Prevost was adamant that that point of view is not reflective of reality. The CAS, she maintained, is very closely monitored and reviewed.

Killens, in his capacity as school trustee, is currently working on a protocol for interaction between the CAS and the Rainbow board. He said he had been concerned over liability issues as there was no formal policy in place. He praised the school board administration for their diligence in getting the policy in place. Killens expressed his disappointment at Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Brown and the premier of Ontario, suggesting that the region's member of the Ontario legislature should have been at the protest and that the province needs to step in to ensure proper care is being given to the province's youth.

Off-Island media attended the event. With television cameras whirring, a TV journalist interviewed the young protestor and others on the scene. Although a police cruiser drove past the demonstration twice during the hour, there was no overt police presence at the demonstration.

Occupants of other offices at the building complex which houses the CAS were requested by the agency to park their cars at the far end of the parking lot to help ensure the children's safety. Another group of young people was holding a demonstration at the corner of Highway 6 and Meredith Street-where they continued to wave their placards long after the central picket had closed down and everyone had gone home.

Dugas said he was pleased with the turnout for the demonstration he had organized. He expressed some confusion over the online petition to have the CAS overseen by the Ontario Ombudsman. Other vehicles simply honked in support as they drove past. Manitoulin Expositor follow continued to main story. Schaefer Defeated August 6, permalink Georgia state senator Nancy Schaefer, who spoke out against the abuses of the child protection system, has been defeated in an election.

And former state Rep. Gail Buckner unseated state Sen. Gail Davenport in the Democratic runoff. Butterworth, who will represent a northeast Georgia district, said he unseated Schaefer because he "had a team that could get our message out. By then Butterworth had already announced his candidacy. Buckner, meanwhile, was the Democratic nominee in a failed bid for the Secretary of State's seat in The Associated Press contributed to this report.

A pending petition to remove eight children from their parents will be heard before Judge Barbara Walther on September The petition is to enforce a shotgun divorce — the mothers resisted a "safety plan" that required kicking the fathers out of the lives of the children. Child protectors are fond of saying that children get a court hearing before removal from their parents except in cases of imminent danger. They conceal their habit of checking the imminent danger box in every case.

In hundreds of parents interviewed, and thousands of cases examined on the internet and in news archives, this is the first hearing prior to child removal. It takes a supreme court ruling to get child protectors to comply with the law on the scheduling of hearings. Foster Child Dies with Name August 6, permalink The Ontario press has departed from its usual silence and is reporting full details and names in the death of a child in non-parental care.

At least initially, it appeared to be a case of foster care without involvement of the child protection system. In other stories, the press has learned that a court made the foster mother, Donna Irving, the legal guardian of the now-dead child, Katelynn Sampson.

Donna Irving, charged with second-degree murder in the death of Katelynn Sampson, is seen in this court sketch. Social Worker Pay Rates August 5, permalink Philadelphia teenager Danieal Kelly had cerebral palsy, making her too much trouble to care for. Her mother let her die of starvation. In this kind of case, social services pleads for more money and power to prevent similar future tragedies.

At the same time, they make any social workers who should have been on the lookout for the remunerative case into scapegoats. Nine social workers have been suspended in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Daily News has assembled a list of the nine with their salaries. It looks like social workers are anything but poor. If you want to see the whole story of the child being shamelessly exploited in a bureaucratic power grab, it is in the grand jury report pdf, from the Philadelphia Inquirer or our local copy.

Don't go there if you are squeamish. Poindexter was suspended last week after being criminally charged in the case. Danieal was the second child to die on his watch. Poindexter was one of five social workers under her supervision. The grand jury concluded that Walker essentially enabled Poindexter to brush off multiple abuse complaints, including allegations that Danieal's father beat her.

Walker also was aware of complaints that Danieal wasn't in school or receiving medical care, and that neighbors heard her screaming. She didn't require him to complete required investigative reports, according to the grand jury.

Instead of ensuring that Poindexter did his job, Poller disposed of abuse complaints related to Danieal by marking them "unsubstantiated" in the DHS database, the grand jury says. It concluded that Poller falsified records in Danieal's case to cover up the "nonperformance" of Poindexter, Walker and herself. She was responsible for ensuring that employees at MultiEthnic Behavioral Health, an outside contractor, did their jobs, specifically enrolling Danieal in school, getting her medical care, and connecting her with services for her cerebral palsy.

Sommerer had Danieal's case for 10 months before she died. The girl had not started school or seen a doctor during that time, the grand jury found. Every three months, Sommerer was required to visit Danieal's family and make sure that the children were safe. On a June 29, , visit to the home, Sommerer told grand jurors that she didn't enter the room where Danieal lay in bed.

The grand jury concluded that Sommerer backdated a report to cover up her negligence. In grand-jury testimony, Hawk admitted that she did not review the DHS file on the Kelly family until after Danieal died. Hawk claimed that she discussed the case with Sommerer and kept progress notes from the meetings, but no records were found to support her claim. Davis' job required him to review the Kelly case in June But he failed to do so, the grand jury concluded.

Mond gave Sommerer an "outstanding" performance review three days before Danieal's death. While Sommerer visited the Kelly family five times as required, she failed to notice "the girl was being starved to death," the grand-jury report concluded.

He has been with DHS since During grand-jury testimony, Brown defended Sommerer's job performance, saying that she had met the "minimum expectations in case management. During the investigation into Danieal's death, Mayo testified that she never spoke with Sommerer, Mond, Davis, or Hawk about the case. Mayo, year DHS employee, "made excuses for the employees' outrageous lapses and for her own failure to administer any consequences for failing to do their jobs," the grand jury concluded.

Jersey Child Dump August 3, permalink Children's agencies in Britain shipped unwanted children to Jersey and kept no further records. No one knows how many survived and how many perished. Sifting the dirt at Haut de la Garenne has uncovered many child body parts, suggesting that children were killed and incinerated, with their ashes buried on the grounds.

Jersey children's care home Haut de la Garenne. Six months later his father murdered his mother and NJM became a ward of the crown. He passed through several foster homes, and failed adoption placements. The queen, through the actions of the Northwest Territories child protection system, is the proud mother of an intelligent but dysfunctional son.

A court case includes a rap sheet so detailed it amounts to his biography. His childhood experiences come from his memories, as given to therapists. The foster care records would be more accurate, but this information is denied equally to children, parents, journalists, politicians and judges. For a few entries marked xxx incident, refer to the source document for details.

Birth mother killed by father prior to N. Sent to Foster Home. Number of Foster Homes and Eventual Adoption. Reports being teased and subject to racial slurs because he is native. Reports foster mother asked him to put his hand in her vagina. Assessed by Psychiatrist at some point because he refused to talk for six weeks. Reports being the subject to sexual abuse by a night worker in the orphanage. Reports never able to develop attachment to parents but did develop attachment to siblings.

Age 8, seen by Child Psychiatrist for purpose of placement with foster parents. Moved to Regina home for boys Ranch Erhlo until Reports being beaten by the older residents. Sentenced in Regina 1. Theft suspended sentence, probation 18 months 2. Break Enter and Theft suspended sentence, probation 18 months 3.

Possession suspended sentence, probation 18 months Probation until January , but this was revoked on 12 Jan — See Line Sentenced in Regina D. Sentenced in Regina change in sentencing Breach of Probation Crown application to re-sentence Probation order of 22 July revoked and new Sentence 1. Theft 30 days consecutive 2. Break Enter and Theft 30 days consecutive 3. Possession 30 days consecutive. Theft -- 6 months 2. Theft -- 30 days consecutive.

Possession -- 4 months 2. Theft -- 1 month consecutive. Assessed by Psychologist R. Loomes at Saskatchewan Penitentiary. Treatment anger and sexual problems at RPC, but discharged due to involvement with drugs. Botros Psychologist of Saskatchewan Penitentiary. A Gordon and Dr. Green, Regional Psychiatric Centre Prairies. Reports to Parole officer that he quit his job. Referred to Employment Centre for Aptitude Tests. Parole officer provides Saskatoon Police with updated photograph of N.

Appears for appointment with parole officer with black eye and scratches to the face. Parole officer interviews N. Roberts reports that N. Both deny use of alcohol or drugs. Parole officer suggests counselling. Roberts is willing but N. Parole officer informs Saskatoon Police that she is concerned that N. Parole officer conducts post-suspension interview of N. Admits to things starting to go downhill at the end of July.

Admits to having been in a fight after a night of drinking at the Baldwin hotel the before his appointment on 26 August Did not think breach of condition not to drink was serious. Claims alibis to A. Short of following him around 24 hours a day, Parole officer opines that nothing else could have been done to prevent N.

Parole Officer recommends revocation of mandatory supervision. Advises that Common Law Wife is four months pregnant Reports past use of alcohol and drugs excessively but does not blame intoxicants on criminal activity.

Reports assaultive behaviour was impulsive. Reports that it is difficult for him to voice true remorse but voices shame and realises that he has ruined most opportunity provided to him in life.

Reports Grade 12 standing. Sentenced in Saskatoon A. Reports desire to take Computer Course. Reports daughter four months old. Inter-regional transfer recommended because of incompatibility issues in Prairie Region. Transferred to Kingston Penitentiary because he was unable to integrate into maximum security in the Prairie Region.

Bellemare — Reports Blackouts which he attributes to head injury before sixth birthday. Institutional conviction for possession of a Shiv, Possession of Contraband and throwing a tray. Segregated for good order of institution after throwing food tray at food service officer. Institutional conviction for Possession of a metal that could result in making a weapon.

Institutional conviction of inciting inmates to harm staff One Correctional officer was assaulted — segregated. Disobey order of staff, found guilty of institutional offence.

Impressed as extremely psychopathic Reported N. Tested Positive for Tuberculosis. Reported treatment including intermuscular treatment with sex drive reducing agents vital. Very High Risk of Offence. Spirit of the Eagle Program in Progress. Post-testing some anger scores remained somewhat elevated.

Cognitive Skills Program completed Final report positive although he did not complete homework. Involved in fight with other inmate, dissociated until 06 Dec Alleged to have assaulted correctional supervisor, N. Later found not guilty of the assault. Reported involvement with Common law Spouse. Transfer to Millhaven Institution recommended. SIR score correlates with one and three offenders not committing indictable offence upon reclease.

Reported as active participant in Native Brotherhood. SIR-R Score of —21 1 in 3 offenders will not commit an indictable offence after release. Dismissed from Sex Offender Program as a Result of Poor institutional behaviour and positive drug tests. Offered individual therapy and declines because life would be too stressful back at Kingston Penitentiary to complete treatment. Denies use of drugs and says urinalysis is a mistake.

Demonstrated some change in attitudes and behaviours. Has difficulty integrating what he has learned into his behaviour. Cellmate requests to be transferred toanother cell for his own protection because N. Pleads guilty to institutional offence and sentenced to close confinement for a period of up to 30 days and loss of privileges. Greeting card to N. Paper clip sharpened to the point of a hypodermic needle found in N. Sharpened spike used to threaten other offender. Pleads guilty and sentenced to close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Another offender complains that N. Close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days. Advises that snorer should be moved or range will snap. States he has personal information pertaining to two staff members. He pleaded not guilty and received close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Hard plastic shank located in N. Pleaded guilty and received close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days. Requests to be placed in segregation due to feelings of stress and an extreme desire to harm others.

Advises predicate offence was consensual. With respect to current sentence, offender stated that four years is not a punishment. Reports involvement with a woman in British Columbia and intention to go to that province upon release. Identifies victim awareness as a priority for treatment. Indicates that he does not deal well with anger.

Opines that even after completion of sexual offender treatment programming he will always be at risk to reoffend. Feels he lacks insight. Offender reports primary drugs of abuse are opiates and whiskey. Until arrival at Atlantic Institution, offender reported using heroin and shine on a regular basis Offender reports trying to quit drugs and alcohol on at least five occasions. Previously willing to take the program but now wishes to wait until Dangerous Offender application is resolved.

Admits most crimes but downplays or minimizes them. Does not recognise that he is a sex offender. Denies sexual sadistic tendencies. Appears motivated to change. High risk to reoffend in a violent and sexual manner. Superficial level of remorse. Correctional Plan Progress Report. Offender is not a manageable risk without sex offender treatment. Residency would be sought. Assessment for Decision — Consequently he finds it difficult to see how he has victimized other people. Reported to be very concerned about Dangerous Offender Application and it may well be that this application has brought the seriousness of his of the offences he has committed as well as the serous consequences thereof to the forefront of his thinking as never before.

Detention recommended until he demonstrates as far as possible, that he has made serious progress in the area of sexual reoffending. Addendum to Assessment for Decision Detention is the best option.

If released into community, he would be unmanageable on the street. If released into the community, there is no alternative to residency. Extra police reporting, contact with collaterals, more visits with Parole Officers, curfews etc are not sufficient to manage risk. Past release is a good indivation of who he will react. Nothing has been done to address violent sexual offending. He has developed no community release plan.

Ontario Court of Appeal releases decision allowing appeal of sentencing decision of Cosgrove, J. Currently achieving gains in treatment. Offender advises author of report that he is undecided as to whether he will continue with programming objectives if the Dangerous Offender application is supported by the courts.

Megavolt Child Abuse August 2, permalink When police found sixteen-year-old Mace Hutchinson lying on the ground after falling off a bridge in Branson Missouri, they shouted commands to him. The boy could not comply because his back was broken. To protect themselves, the police zapped the boy with a taser nineteen times. August 01, , 1: Mace Hutchinson, KY3 video.

Social Worker Killed August 2, permalink Unlike rabbis story below , social workers cannot be driven away by public protest. Social worker Brenda Yeager was murdered by two clients in West Virginia.

Child Protecting Rabbi Banished August 2, permalink Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg, has been driven out of London by outraged parents after trying to "protect" their children. Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg, 58, was forced to flee from a Stamford Hill synagogue where he had been listening to a lecture last Thursday.

He ran into Manor Road, in the heart of the community, and was taken to safety after stopping a passing police car. The rabbi, on a four-day trip to London from his New York home, said: I decided it was getting too crowded, so I went outside. I saw them sending text messages and calling more people.

There were more and more crowds. I was about to cross the street and a car mounted the pavement. It was a riot. Help me, help me! Once he was removed, the disorder ended. He runs a hotline in the US for youngsters to report abuse and appears on Jewish radio phone-in shows. Rabbi Rosenberg said rabbis must "start facing reality".

If you play with them you will go to jail. They should not give privileges to people with long beards. The majority attacked Rabbi Rosenberg's campaign.

Among the anonymous comments was one which said: But a more supportive comment asked: Last year's report gave little information on how many deaths occurred in foster care, giving only the cryptic statements: This year the committee examined 90 deaths with CAS involvement.

The only revelation of how many deaths were in foster care is in the statement on page Statistical arguments suggest for 19, children in care 25 to 50 deaths are to be expected yearly. Shaken Baby Scam August 1, permalink When eleven-month-old Craig Smith developed bleeding in his brain, doctors diagnosed shaken baby syndrome and child protectors kept father Steve Smith away from his children for over a year.

Boston doctor Michael Laposata eventually found the real problem, a family blood condition, Von Willebrand's disease, making them prone to excessive bleeding. The news article below links to a 74 page slide show local copy of pdf by Dr Laposata. He is a good resource for anyone else targeted by the junk science shaken baby accusation. The diagnosis can be paralyzing for families, but in some cases, doctors may be wrong. It happened to a Silver Spring family who says the medical community can do more to prevent other families from suffering what they went through.

Steve Smith says he does all he can to make his six-year-old son, Craig, giggle. But for a time, five years ago, Smith wasn't allowed to spend time with his three children, unless someone else was there. That's because he'd been charged with child abuse and Craig's attempted murder. It started in , when Smith was home alone with his kids. Doctors said he suffered a subdural hematoma as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

But with a background in health care, Craig's mother Corrine, knew better. I do not accept that this is Shaken Baby Syndrome. Michael Laposata in Boston. After extensive blood testing, they learned the excessive bleeding that doctors first called Shaken Baby, was instead the result of a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand's disease. Laposata believes as many as one percent of reported child abuse cases cases could be due to misdiagnoses like Craig's.

In Craig's case, the bleeding on his brain and behind his eyes, looked just like bleeding caused by Shaken Baby. Steve Smith was not allowed to stay in his own home for the sixteen months he spent proving his innocence. Charges were eventually dropped. Laposata believes in cases of potential Shaken Baby Syndrome, the medical community should perform a whole battery of blood tests rather than performing the simplest or most common tests to be absolutely certain of whether there's been child abuse.

One was adopted and at age 17 shot to death. There will be be no legal repercussions for the policeman who killed him. The other teenager was loved by his foster mother. She is facing four felony charges and decades behind bars.

On Wednesday, Broward County grand jurors found Joshua Mendelson's slaying to be a justifiable homicide, prosecutor Brian Cavanagh said. Welker, 33, who is no longer with the department, will not face criminal charges for the November shooting. Wanna See Your Brother?

Get a Lawyer July 31, permalink Lawyers who already regulate relations between husbands and wives, and between parents and children, have found a new revenue stream: July 14, Where a father has appealed from a Juvenile Court order terminating his parental rights, his appeal must fail because "the judge's finding of the father's unfitness [was] supported by clear and convincing evidence and her subsidiary findings amply supported by the record.

Accordingly, we remand the matter to the trial judge to make explicit a her findings and ruling as to whether sibling visitation is in Rico's best interests and, if so, as to which siblings; and b her findings and rulings as to the schedule and means by which such visitation is to occur. In all other respects, the decree is affirmed. Appeals Court Case heard by Rebekah J. Kaiser for the father; Robert E. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, with thanks to Fern.

This is one of the least effective organs of Ontario government. In many cases, the children's lawyer does not speak to his client. We have yet to hear of a children's lawyer in a child protection case who pleads to have his client placed under parental care.

We hope, without any real basis, the new appointment represents a change in policy. The press release, abridged below, contains quotes to help journalists write a story. The commercial press has ignored the story, but Canada Court Watch comments Ding Dong the wicked witch is gone! Stephens has been appointed as Ontario's new Children's Lawyer, effective August 1, Called to the Bar in , her practice has focused on estate, trust and guardianship issues, specializing in estate administration and planning.

She has also served as an agent for the Children's Lawyer. She has been an adjunct professor with the University of Toronto Law School and Humber College, and has published works on estate and trust issues. Stephens replaces Clare Burns, who has served with distinction as the Children's Lawyer since January Truth Not in Best Interest of Child July 30, permalink When eight-year-old Fabian Silva asked his dad about a newspaper story on the death of his half-brother, dad told his son the truth.

That was enough for Tucson Arizona child protectors to cancel further visitation. Photo courtesy of Silva family. Help Needed with Angelica Leslie July 29, permalink We have received reports through the grapevine that the Angelica Leslie case is not what the press has been telling. Before saying more, we want to confirm the story with the family. Our readership is large enough that it must include a person with knowledge of this family. Earlier reports on the case are on February 15 , May 25 and July 15, His application got short shrift, rejected even before a hearing.

Mr Dunn has made a request for reconsideration to the board. We anticipate another rejection. But after final rejection, perhaps Mr Dunn can bring the matter to the provincial ombudsman.

You can read John Dunn's letter to Jennifer Scott pdf. Until now, we did not know that John Dunn was a service provider. Decision on Eligibility File Number: The Board has received your further submissions dated July 28, requesting a reconsideration of the Board's eligibility decision dated July 24, You submit that membership in a Society is a child welfare service in the form of a prevention service.

Society membership is not a child welfare service, and in particular, a prevention service, under the Child and Family Services Act the "Act". To constitute a prevention service under the Act, it must be a service provided directly to children and their families.

In this case, you allege Society membership constitutes a prevention service because it enables members to have input into Society policies, procedures and practices. The Board does not agree that this is a prevention service within the meaning of the Act. In any event, you are not seeking or receiving this service, you are attempting to provide it through participation in the development of Society practices and policies.

A service provider is not eligible to access the complaint provisions under section The Board affirms its eligibility decision on July 24, Your application is not eligible to be heard by the Board. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Longley, Case Coordinator at or toll-free at News page of Foster Care Council of Canada. Fireproof Foster Home Needed July 28, permalink Winnipeg children's aid is looking for a foster home for a girl arsonist who intends to repeat her offense.

Her attitude is the outcome of five years in foster care. Dad can't stop her since, according to an earlier news story, he is in jail. Children's aid often does not notify the foster family of this kind of behavior, so another home could soon be in ashes. Judge Michel Chartier sentenced the girl to two years supervised probation and released her into the custody of Child and Family Services.

Where she will end up living is not clear. At a sentencing hearing earlier this month, a CFS worker said the agency has no secure placement for the girl and that jail was likely the safest place for her. She has been in the care of CFS since she was eight years old.

She is expected to be lodged in an "emergency placement" until long-term accommodations can be arranged. In an interview with police, the girl, then 12, said she "had fun" setting the fire and that the family who had been preparing to move into the home "can go to hell. Ed and Mary headed on the highway on the bus to Brantford Ontario. Swayze was there in spirit but due to health reasons she could not attend. She did offer a show of support by getting a friend in Brantford to deliver coffee and peach juice to the courthouse at 44 Queen Street, before we left Brantford to get home to Hamilton.

She was missed by all those in attendance. Members from Canada Court Watch, one of the members of our group Child Assist Services and friend Lisa, and members from the Brantford community attended the protest.

It was a warm day and we had great conversations with those in attendance. You can bet that we will find out where the rest are. By not helping these families they are hurting them by removing their children and this affects their lives forever. I would like to thank Rob and Kalena for inviting us to their protest. Posted by maryjaniga at 4: Mary Janiga blog entry for July 25, Overbilling July 25, permalink Social worker Rhonn Gilchrist, is in trouble for billing two insurance companies for the same service.

Social workers should stick to double billing parents and governments, where they can get away with it. Rhonn Gilchrist, 59, was convicted of defrauding health care insurance companies resulting from his submission of fraudulent claim forms seeking payments for treatment he never provided to patients, according to Assistant U.

Attorney John Rogowski, who handled the case. Gilchrist, who had an office on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Tonawanda, conducted the fraud from to Sentencing took place before U. Gilchrist, whose patients included individuals covered under the New York Workers' Compensation Program or the New York state no-fault automobile insurance law, engaged in a practice known as double billing, which is billing two insurance companies for the full amount of a treatment provided to the individual.

While a health care provider may bill two insurance companies for the same treatment, the provider must disclose that fact and repay any amount received over percent of the cost of the service.

Skretny ordered him to make restitution to the various insurance companies. Dangerous Granny July 25, permalink Eighty-two-year-old Betty Robinson has been barred from taking pictures of an empty pool in Southampton England.

You just can't be too safe when it comes to protecting children from pedophiles. Facebook Defaced July 24, permalink Chris Carter reports that his Facebook account, containing stories about children's aid, was deleted in June.

Now who would do a thing like that? Below is his email to a discussion group on the incident, copied with his permission. As for the question ending the email, we have heard of many attempts by CAS to get rid of internet criticism, some after legal action, as with Cathy Norris, some by direct threat to an ISP or site owners without legal action.

We have not previously heard of vigilantism. Our suggestions for keeping material on the internet are: I just wanted to share some information with the group. Anyway sometime in early June I logged onto my page and all of the info had been deleted. I contacted facebook and they formally and officially informed me that: I printed out the emails facebook and I exchanged and brought them into the Waterloo Regional Police Service's Division 2.

Detectives Howard Mark and Melinda Kuzyck interviewed me, accepted the material and promised to look into it. I've asked for updates a couple of times since then.

I'm visiting them today to press for an update. I'll let you know what happened. Have you ever heard of a CAS taking action against an individual or group like that which occurred to me? Respectfully, Chris Carter Source: They have systematically excluded participation by members of the public in observing, and participating in, CAS policy making.

In your response, you made references to two provisions of the Corporations Act s. These provisions give the Society the option of only notifying the existing members rather than putting an ad in the newspaper for all of the public to see if they so chose.

And it is their practice that this is what they do. Annual or Special General Meetings are not what Motion 41 refers to. As it stands Societies are blocking membership applications from members of the public who advocate for changes, therefore Members Motion 41 would force the Societies to notify the public of the fact that they hold "Publicly Accessible, Monthly Board of Directors Meetings" so that members of the public, regardless of whether they are members of the Society or not can be made aware of this fact and attend and observe and be heard.

Currently, the Ombudsman has no jurisdiction over CAS's. When the Societies have contravened provisions of the Corporations Act which are Offences section 5 the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services which has jurisdiction over corporations incorporated under the Corporation's Act stated that they have no jurisdiction over non-profit Corporations CAS.

When the Ministry of Children and Youth Services was asked to use its powers of revocation and take over afforded to it in the CFSA the Ministry also stated that they have no jurisdiction over CAS's as they are autonomous bodies governed by a local community elected Board of Directors.

And now, even members of the public who apply for memberships as the Ministry states they can, so that they can hold the agency accountable via the rights afforded to them as members, they have their membership applications rejected, therefore reducing, and eliminating true stakeholder accountability. So in essence, although the Act is in force, the agencies rely on the fact that citizens are not aware of, nor can they afford to take a Society to court in order to simply obtain a membership with the agency after they have had their applications rejected.

Memberships should be automatically accepted and if someone then "acts inappropriately" as a member they could then be removed or banned or have their membership terminated.

As it stands today, Societies are pre-emptively hand-picking whom they want to become members based on their opinion of whether the potential member may attempt to hold them to account using the proper tools afforded to members via the By-Laws and the Corporations Act.

The Private Members Motion 41 seeks from the Government a deeper level of public accountability by asking it to issue Directives, which are in its power to do, forcing the Societies to notify all members of the public, regardless of whether or not they have been granted memberships through the Board of Directors -- those of which have been actively filtering these membership applications and disallowing people who advocate for changes to the Society's By-Laws or Policies and Practices from becoming members or Board members -- through their websites and through their lobbies.

I will be keeping a public record of which MPP's support the motion and which do not. From your response to me in your letter, I understand from you that you do not, and will not be supporting the Private Member's Motion 41 as referred to in the Legislature. If I do not hear a response from you or your staff members stating the alternative by Friday, July 25th, at I will be posting this on my web site for the voters to be informed of your choice to support the status quo of keeping Ontario's Children at risk by eliminating the last remaining vestige of accountability the public can use to protect children and youth in foster care from possible institutional abuse and harm.

Much like the very sad and tragic death of Jeffrey Baldwin who died due to the Catholic CAS's negligence in placing him with people who had a criminal history of child abuse which was known to the Society. Friday July 25th from 9am to 11am Where: Brantford Ontario Event; Hello we will be holding a protest against the Children's Aid Society outside their satellite office located at Grey Street Professional building two.

The Protest will be held Friday July 25th from 9am till 11am. We would really appreciate if you could come and show your support to our family. Bring signs and invite friends too. Its time to step up to the plate for family rights. Family Advocates will be in attendance along side us. Our case represents s of cases in Brantford and s in Ontario.

Thanks Kalena and Rob Source: They collected about signatures for Andrea Horwath's proposed bill. They are planning a bigger rally for Brantford in late September. Dear Mike, In the spirit of the timeworn phrase, "Who dares not offend, cannot be honest," I write the following comments and observations. I have sent to you a site on the Internet that encourages the reader to petition our government, of which you are reported to be our representative.

I point out the following observations: Of the signatures there are persons who purport to be educators, CAS workers, users of the system and victims of the system, and even one member of parliament has signed on.

As recent as last week our local news media carried a letter from a person who says that he and others have been wronged by the non-action of CAS and have no avenue to appeal to what appears to be honest complaint and cry for help. I myself was removed from the board of directors for the CAS and to this day after urgings and letters sent to the CAS, the family resources, your office, still am unaware as to why this transpired; I was never given the pleasure of a hearing or explanation.

I often wonder why the government of the day, yours, doesn't shake their heads in wonder as to why an individual, who was removed from the CAS Board of Directors, runs for and wins the office of public school trustee? It certainly shows me the degree of credibility the public places on the CAS and their activity. Mike, speaking for myself, I feel you are out of touch with your supporters and citizens you serve-not new but very, very sad.

I ask you for a commitment to help those people in Ontario in a meaningful way! Will you champion the request to give the Ombudsman the power to probe decisions and investigate complaints concerning the provinces Children's Aid Societies CAS?

I am not asking you to change the world, just require this entity to be accountable to someone. In closing, all provincial Ombudsmen in the Dominion of Canada first identified child protection as a priority issue in and still Ontario does not allow the Ombudsman to investigate people's complaints about Children's Aid Societies CAS decisions. Who knows, perhaps First Nations residential schools would never have happened? I am assuming, Mike, that this is your last term and hope you want to leave some sort of legacy of what you have or have not done.

What a way to end it Mike, helping kids! Larry Killens South Baymouth Source: In the other, the Times is able to report a bit more on a child they call "S" but is held in secrecy worthy of the name double 0-S.

His stepdad helped him and his mother escape from Britain, and served a longer jail term than many muggers. Justice must be dispensed openly and with compassion Jul 22 By John Hemming The secrecy in the Family Courts has given rise to a culture of secrecy throughout the operation of Family Law. In fact much of that secrecy was merely custom and practise rather than legally enforceable. Furthermore some recent changes in and have allowed chinks in the armour concealing the activity in the Family Courts.

Dealing, as I have, with people who are refugees from the state in the UK it has been interesting to see what has been happening. My advice to families is to remain within the law. However, some of the court judgments seem quite draconian. One that surprised me recently was where an order was obtained which prevents a mother leaving the UK.

Her children are abroad with their father and she is not allowed to leave the UK to visit them. The court wants the children brought back to the UK and so has taken her passport. In fact it is against one of the protocols of the European Convention of Human Rights one which the UK is a signatory. The following is the Canadian roster in the men's ice hockey tournament of the Winter Olympics. Louis , and goaltender Chris Mason were selected as reserves in case of injury during the tournament.

Toronto National Sea Fleas. University of Manitoba Grads. University of Toronto Grads. Clubs that represented Canada between and excluding were allowed to augment their roster with 7 skaters and 1 goalie of Canadian birth from any club. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Name v t e. List of Canadian national women's ice hockey team rosters. List of Olympic women's ice hockey players for Canada.

Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 27 January Retrieved March 2, Team Canada Tournamement Standings and Statistics". Retrieved July 3, Members and events of Hockey Canada. Canadian Junior Hockey League.

Retrieved from " https: National ice hockey team rosters Canada men's national ice hockey team players Lists of Canadian ice hockey players. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from September Use mdy dates from January Articles with hCards.

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Successive Canadian governments were involved in murder and they have continued to cover it up. Seattle F Tyler Carpendale was tossed with a spearing major in the first period.

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