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Meinrad , a Benedictine monk family of the Counts of Hohenzollern. According to legend, Meinrad lived on the slopes of Mt. Etzel from until his death in During the next eighty years Saint Meinrad's hermitage was never without one or more hermits emulating his example. Work on the monastery is said to have begun in The surrounding population was known as Waldleute forest people because of the forests around the Abbey.

The settlement of EInsiedeln is first mentioned in The alpine valleys were used to raise cattle, which became increasingly more important to the village. By the major business in the village was breeding and raising cattle. Expansion of grazing land into nearby alpine valleys led to a two century conflict with Schwyz. As early as , the villages of Einsiedeln and Schwyz were in conflict over land near the two Mythen mountains.

In when the Habsburgs gained rights over the village of Schwyz and in when they raised the Abbey to an independent principality under the Habsburgs, [5] this raised a local conflict into a regional one. The Habsburgs were able to quiet the conflict for a few years, until when Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden revolted against the Habsburgs. In the conflict flared up again with an attack by Schwyz into Einsiedeln. This attack triggered a series of border raids that, along with other events, in led to a Habsburg invasion and their crushing defeat at the Battle of Morgarten.

In the Abbey came under the protection of Schwyz and the rights of high justice went over to Schwyz. Low justice though remained with the Abbey. Einsiedeln is the birthplace of Paracelsus , a Renaissance physician and alchemist who is credited with first naming zinc.

In the Drei Teile "Three Parts": In they were able to issue a binding ordinance for all three groups. In the Drei Teile changed its name to the "Session". The relationship between the three parties was not always smooth. In , an attempt by the Abbot to require tradesmen to only practise their trade in Einsiedeln and preventing skilled workers from settling in among the Waldleute [8] led to open conflict.

Schwyz supported the Abbey against the Waldleute and in crushed the revolt. However, the Abbey lost much of its independence and thereafter was treated more as a subject of Schwyz instead of a partner. During Napoleon 's invasion of Switzerland in , the Abbey was suppressed for about three years [5] and the land was added to the city of Schwyz. During the Restoration starting in , the Abbey's power began to grow in the Canton. The Abbey stood on the side of the conservative faction in the Canton, which caused tense relations between them and the surrounding villages until the creation of the Federal State in [4].

Einsiedeln is situated in the valley of the Alp river. It comprises six localities: The village of Biberbrugg is shared with the municipality of Feusisberg.

Einsiedeln has a total area of The rest of the land is either settled 5. Einsiedeln is located approximately 7. It is on a plateau ca. Einsiedeln has a population as of 31 December of 15, Most of the population as of [update] speaks German As of [update] the gender distribution of the population was The age distribution, as of [update] , in Einsiedeln is; 3, people or The senior population distribution is 1, people or 8.

There are people or 4. There is one person in Einsiedeln who is over years old. As of [update] there are 5, households, of which 1, households or about In the election the most popular party was the SVP which received Article text size A. Data Update Unchecking box will stop auto data updates.

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By the major business in the village was breeding and raising cattle.

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The senior population distribution is 1, people or 8.

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