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Our Drug Lord Review. According to the developer, "Drug Lord 2 is a game that continues where Drug Lord 1 left off. Your goal is still to amass as much money as possible by buying and selling drugs, but your neighborhood has grown considerably.". WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF SPEED LIMITS? REGULATORY SPEED LIMIT SIGN This black and white sign shows the maximum speed that a motorist may travel under ideal conditions.

Your data is invaluable. We're here to secure it. All of it.

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Using --wsrep-new-cluster is the newer, preferred way. Never use an empty gcomm: If a node restarts, that will cause the node to not join back to the cluster that it was part of, rather it will initialize a new one node cluster and cause a split brain.

For more information, see Starting the Cluster. This parameter allows you to define the logical name the node uses for the cluster. When a node attempts to connect to a cluster, it checks the value of this parameter against that of the cluster. The connection is only made if the names match. If they do not, the connection fails. So, the cluster name must be the same on all nodes. In other words, it tells the node to implicitly convert locking sessions into transactions within the database server.

By itself, this is not the same as support for locking sections, but it does prevent the database from ending up in a logically inconsistent state. Loading a large database dump with LOCK statements can result in abnormally large transactions and cause an out-of-memory condition. During operation, the wsrep Provider needs to save various files to disk that record its internal state.

This parameter defines the path to the directory that you want it to use. It defaults the MySQL datadir path. Under normal operation, error events are logged to an error log file for the database server. By default, the name of this file is the server hostname with the. In addition to useful debugging information, this parameter also causes the database server to print authentication information, that is, passwords , to the error logs.

Do not enable it in production environments. When a node receives more write-sets than it can apply, the transactions are placed in a received queue.

In the event that the node falls too far behind, it engages Flow Control. The node takes itself out of sync with the cluster and works through the received queue until it reaches a more manageable size. For more information on what Flow Control is and how to configure and manage it in your cluster, see Flow Control and Managing Flow Control. When set to ON , this parameter disables Flow Control for the node. The node continues to receive write-sets and fall further behind the cluster.

When a node loses its connection to the Primary Component , it enters a non-operational state. Given that it cannot keep its data current while in this state, it rejects all queries with an ERROR: This parameter determines whether or not the node permits reads while in a non-operational state. Remember that by its nature, data reads from nodes in a non-operational state are stale. Current data in the Primary Component remains inaccessible to these nodes until they rejoin the cluster. When enabling this parameter the node only permits reads, it still rejects any command that modifies or updates the database.

It does not allow DDL statements. When set to a value other than NONE , this parameter forces all transactions to use a given binary log format. Valid choices for this parameter are: Additionally, there is the special value NONE , which means that there is no forced format in effect for the binary logs.

In most cases, however, ROW format replication is valid for asymmetric schema replication. When loading huge data loads creates problems for Galera Cluster, in that they eventually reach a size that is too large for the node to completely roll the operation back in the event of a conflict and whatever gets committed stays committed.

This deviates from the standard behavior for MySQL. This parameter enables additional information for the logs pertaining to conflicts, which you may find useful in troubleshooting problems. You can also log conflict information with the wsrep Provider option cert. The additional information includes the table and schema where the conflict occurred, as well as the actual values for the keys that produced the conflict.

Defines the maximum number of rows the node allows in a write-set. A value of 0 specifies no limit. This parameter sets the maximum number of rows that the node allows in a write-set. This parameter sets the maximum size that the node allows for a write-set. The maximum allowed write-set size is 2G. The node passes its IP address and port number to the Galera Replication Plugin , where it gets used as the base address in cluster communications.

By default, the node pulls the address of the first network interface on your system and the default port for Galera Cluster. Typically, this is the address of eth0 or enp2s0 on port While the default behavior is often sufficient, there are situations where this auto-guessing function produces unreliable results. In these cases, you need to provide an explicit value for this parameter, given that the auto-guess of the IP address does not produce the correct result.

In some cases, you may need to provide a different value. This parameter defines the IP address and port number at which the node expects to receive client connections. It is intended for integration with load balancers and, for now, otherwise unused by the node.

This parameter defines the logical name that the node uses when referring to itself in logs and to the cluster. It is for convenience, to help you in identifying nodes in the cluster by means other than the node address. By default, the node uses the server hostname.

In some situations, you may need to set it explicitly, such as in container deployments with Docker or FreeBSD jails, where the node uses the name of the container rather than the hostname. Defines the command the node runs whenever cluster membership or the state of the node changes. Whenever the node registers changes in cluster membership or its own state, this parameter allows you to send information about that change to an external script defined by the value.

You can use this to reconfigure load balancers, raise alerts and so on, in response to node and cluster activity. The node will block and wait until the script completes and returns before it can proceed. Also seen as 'splash', 'float check', 'float test'. Phonetic for Dumb Shit or Dog Shit.

Radio pro word, a directive to detect and identify unknown aircraft trailing friendly aircraft. A fine levied for not unloading a ship on time. Aviation 1 One of a number of standard, published combinations of flight profile and headings used to depart an airfield, as Standard Instrument Departure. Used to regularize and speed up an aircraft's departure from the airfield and its crowded airspace.

Generally the result of a stall, whether accelerated or unaccelerated. May or may not result in the aircraft entering a spin. One half had a handle added and was used as the cooking vessel; the other half was filled with sand, soaked with gasoline, and set alight. Browning cal fifty heavy machine gun. The Devil to Pay: Originally, the saying was 'The devil to pay and no pitch hot. Seams were caulked or sealed paid by jamming oakum fiber into the gaps, then smearing the seam with melted pitch which was called tar.

If one of these seams worked open in rough weather, a great deal of water could be shipped before it was repaired. This term is probably the origin of the terms 'hell to pay' and 'between the devil and the deep blue sea,' since a sailor paying the devil seam was hanging over the side. Don't Give Up The Ship. RCN Any non-engineering personnel. Screwing around; being unproductive. UK The flap in the front of the traditional sailor's trousers. A term indicating sublime indifference to someone else's plight.

Spoken form of 'Delinquent In Qual,' pronounced to rhyme with 'pink. A weekly points goal is typically set by each command that an NQP must achieve. Failure to do so means daily mandatory study hours supervised by the duty Chief.

The merchie dips first, and the naval vessel answers dip for dip. Naval vessels do not dip to each other, but man the side to render passing honors to each other. An ASW helicopter capable of both sonar search and attack. A member of the Navy's Construction Battalions Seabees. USN A wardroom officer's mess and lounge aboard ship which does not require patrons to be in the uniform of the day, i.

The etiquette of the wardroom, which is usually fairly formal, is also relaxed in the dirty shirt wardroom. RN A short written note. A small cloth bag with drawstring closure; usually used to hold toilet articles and the like. The 'elevators' of a submarine; movable, horizontal surfaces used to control the dive pitch angles. Usually there are two pairs of planes, mounted on bow and stern, or on the fairwater sail and stern.

Cleaning engine air intakes, usually by crawling into them. Dead In the Water. The southern of the two positions occupied by U. Dixie was tasked with CAS. Also seen as 'Dhobi. RN An excuse to slide away early when at a fleet school. In aviation, an extremely uncomfortable situation where you have SAM radars active at '10, 2, and 4' o'clock, as in the old advertising jingle for the carbonated drink of the same name. The hazard is extreme because maneuvering to defeat any particular missile of the three makes you more vulnerable to one of the others.

Diego Garcia island, a British possession in the approximate middle of the Indian Ocean. US military forces also have long operated from there. Area within which units may interfere with or be endangered by ASW torpedoes. Generally, two two-hour watches, designated First and Second or First and Last, RCN , arranged so that personnel on watch can eat the evening meal. Usually to and to Also serves to alternate the daily watch routine so sailors with the midwatch one night will not have it the next time.

Origin of term unclear. Monkey Dicks, Poodle Peckers, etc. Regions of little or no wind near the equator. A representative sample multiple versions exist is included here as Appendix B. Tin Tunas, Pukin' Fish, etc. Submarine qualification insignia of the submarine fleet. Represented as two heraldic dolphins flanking the prow of a WW II-type submarine, gold for officers and silver for enlisted. Aircraft with side number zero-zero. Often the CAG's bird.

Diving Officer of the Watch. Down to the Short Strokes: Nearly done; almost finished. The handle of a ripcord; the way one opens one's parachute.

An older method of sampling atmosphere, in which a hand-held pump is used to draw samples into the test system. A measure of reliability or attentiveness; if you have a high drift factor, you can't be relied upon, or are not paying attention. Probably comes from 'adrift. Term for miscellaneous underwater operations of a submarine.

Also refers to sailing any ship from point A to point B for no particular reason. A leading-edge high lift device which tilts downward to increase airfoil camber but does not increase wing surface area. Red lights arranged vertically below the RAMP, on the approach centerline, on the carrier's stern.

Used to provide lineup cues for night landings. A condition where the scrambler or other cryptographic gear does not properly descramble a received radio call.

To the receiver of the transmission, the result of a 'drop synch' is unintelligible noise. Any evolution characterized more by the amount of alcohol consumption than by accomplishment of any goals other than getting toasted, of course.

Aviation Thrust rating of an aircraft jet engine without afterburner. Callsign of an aircraft performing precautionary SAR. During World War Two, an aircraft often a B modified for long range air-sea rescue. RN Stores rating, especially one concerned with food.

More fully 'Jack Dusty'. USN usage, 'Jack o' the Dust. Chicken a la King, allegedly. Pronounced like the Greek god Zeus , a quick-release fitting used in aircraft. Submarine Emergency Air Breathing mask.

A sealed mask with an airhose and a quick disconnect to attach to the main EAB system. The practice of replacing components of an electronic device in an attempt to correct a difficult-to-diagnose fault. The sarcastic 'mushroom' term refers to their claim that they are kept in the dark and fed bullshit, due to the poor outward visibility of the after 2 seats in the Prowler. Reports made daily by all department heads to the XO, who then takes them to the CO.

The reports usually consist of equipment reports and position reports, significant events of the day or of the day to come, etc. The movement of a gun vertically. Combination aileron and elevator, found in delta-winged aircraft. Consists of a clear plastic hood and an air bottle, used to escape from smoke-filled spaces.

Numbers sanded down to fit a certain block in a log. Various conditions of electronic silence. Emergency Foul type and number: Unable to land my assigned aircraft within their safe endurance time. Followed by report of numbers and types of aircraft needing to land. Emergency Space type and number: I am able to land aircraft in addition to my own, followed by numbers and types. Duties assigned as punishment which are also intended to improve one's military knowledge.

Chipping paint would not qualify as EMI, while inventorying the ship's pubs publications would. Usually, the sub would open the range enough to barely maintain radar contact to monitor the convoy's course and speed while minimizing the chances of counter-detection during the maneuver. Named for the play of the same name in American football. The airspeed of a carrier aircraft at the end of the catapult launch stroke. For obvious reasons, serious trouble will result if end speed is less than stalling speed.

The necessary end speed varies widely with aircraft type and loadout gross weight , and is a function of the catapult settings. Air combat tactics emphasizing "the vertical," i. Energy tactics favor aircraft with high excess power. The fighter actively maneuvering against the bandit. The section trades off 'free' and 'engaged' roles as needed to force the bandit's energy level down without themselves having to slow down that much.

EOT, a signaling system linking bridge and main engineering control; used to command engine speeds. JO Junior Officer berthing aboard ship.

Derogatory term for an Ensign. Engineer Officer Of the Watch. Space from which engineering spaces are controlled. Generally air-conditioned and soundproofed, the wimps. Good, pleasant, or attractive. Used to produce fresh water at sea, both for the boilers and for potable usage.

For many years, vacuum 'flash' evaps were used; reverse osmosis systems are becoming more common now. Submarine contact is using battery propulsion. The part of a torpedo designed to detonate the warhead. Eyes in the Boat: A command similar to the UK services' order "Eyes Front," an order to stop looking around or acting in an unmilitary fashion. Diving planes located on a submarine's fairwater sail. To lay out a line to permit free running while maintaining seamanlike appearance.

Generally used for large-diameter lines. The line is laid out in long parallel lines, generally starting up against a bulwark or deck edge and working inboard from there. A friendly track acting as hostile for exercise purposes. USN Aviation A significantly obscene form of shorthand used in radio comms to avoid use of profanity!!! A version there are many is included here as Appendix C.

Point of impact of a shell or salvo of shells. UK Steak and wine night at sea. Usually hosted by the various departments. Hot for a dogfight. UK A mess tin. Named for Fanny Adams, a girl who was murdered and dismembered about the same time that tinned meat was introduced into the Royal Navy.

UK Sweet Fuck All, i. The aft-most weather deck on a ship, right above the stern. Refers to submarines whose primary missions are sealane control, anti-shipping operations, anti-submarine warfare, and intelligence or special operations. A training exercise whereby the ship simulates being underway while remaining tied to the pier.

Generally the brow and all shore services are secured and the ship is on internal systems only. This reduces the drag of the stopped propeller by a tremendous amount.

An older term, circa WW II, not frequently seen now. Water used in boilers. Must be of very high purity low salinity is especially critical due to the risk of corrosion or contamination in high-temperature piping. Report that an aircraft is flying over water land. Fire Extinguishing System, Twin Agent. Often found in engineering spaces. An obsolete term; replaced with TAU.

Derisively, 'Forever Fucking Gone. To scrub or otherwise clean a ship's spaces. No polite form has been reported. The diameter of a circle inscribed by a turning ship once it has stabilized in its turn. A region of a carrier's flight deck , port side aft of elevator four. A signal indicating that the correct spots have been applied and rounds are falling on target; the firing battery should begin rapid fire. In a ship with a large deck department, especially where it is key to the ship's mission, such as a carrier or AMPHIB, generally the deck department head.

As used, it's an assignment, not a rank. For an officer, one step up from the bottom, rankwise. Hand, the recognizable, distinctive style or technique of a trained Morse radio operator. To make a 'real' fist of something is to do it badly. The traditional steps to prepare for a formation or liberty: Shit, Shower, Shave, and Shine Shoes. An admiral, from the rank-denoting flag such officers are entitled to fly. Engine failure in a jet aircraft, regardless of cause.

A burning ship, or a missile breaking water. A combination flap and aileron; a roll-control surface which also can act as a high-lift device. Get up steam; fire the boilers, Flathatting: Often fatal, generally career-ending if you get caught, anyway.

To promote from within. To coil a line on deck so that it can run freely while maintaining a seamanlike appearance. Generally used for lines of small diameter. The line is laid in a flat, close-coiled spiral on the deck. So called because they were shoddily built and leaked a lot. Bar with spherical correcting magnets. Testing the buoyant qualities of unwanted material while at sea. Whether it passes the test or not, it is outta here. In naval architecture, a horizontal structural surface which does not extend the full length of the ship.

Think of it as a deck which does not run the full length of the hull. Floating wreckage released from a sunken ship. Submarine Go deep, or I am going deep. Normally, a signal flown ashore when the firing range is hot, or afloat while handling ammunition or fuel.

When a woman is menstruating, she is said to be 'flying Bravo. Sometimes also seen as 'flying Maggie's Drawers. Fleet Naval Aviation Evaluation Board. The long green table, before which one never wants to stand. Makes ground-pounders out of aviators. The phonetic spelling for 'forecastle', the forward-most part of the ship. Someone who has become FOD. The human broom picking up any and every small item on the flight deck. Pronounced "foo gas," the combination of an explosive charge and a container of gasoline.

Used as an antipersonnel weapon. Blocked, or not clear. It may be obstructed by a stuck shell casing, an entire round, or other unwanted foreign material. A flight deck which is unsafe for landings.

May be due to a crash, location of an aircraft, gear or personnel, or the condition of the deck surface. Painted lines on the flight deck which delineate an area which must be kept clear for flight operations specifically, takeoffs and landings to proceed safely.

The to watch. A region of a carrier's flight deck , portside outboard of the track for catapult two. Radio call to report the launch of a air-to-air missile, from the 'Foxtrot' F of the phonetic alphabet.

Fox One reports the launch of a semi-active radar-homing missile, e. Fox Two is a heat-seeking missile, e.

Fox Four is sometimes used derisively to refer to a midair collision. Also seen as Foxtrot Oscar. A long, narrow cleaning brush. Of a section two aircraft , the one which keeps lookout while maneuvering to gain advantageous position as his partner, the engaged fighter, maneuvers against the bandit. Directive to designated helicopter s to hover in place cancelled by "THAW".

Rates which spend at least some of their time in the engineering spaces, and are members of the Engineering Dept. A gyro-stabilized arrangement of lights that gives a carrier pilot glideslope information during his approach to landing, or when simulating same ashore. The ball moves vertically on the Fresnel lens array as the aircraft moves up and down the glideslope; a high ball, when the ball is above the datum lights, indicates that the aircraft is above the optimum glideslope.

If the ball is lined up with the datum lights, the aircraft is correctly positioned on the glideslope. The ball appears red if the pilot gets dangerously low. Fresnel lens installations are also found on almost all Naval Air Station runways. A simplified form of the lens is mounted on ships which operate helicopters. RN Field day aboard, followed by CO's rounds.

A cake or a couple of cases of beer are awarded to the cleanest mess on the ship. Training squadron in which new pilots are trained to fly a specific aircraft type. Generic term for decorations, medals, and awards. An obscure, hard-to-get-to space, compartment, or void; used to hide from officers or chiefs. According to legend, some ships have had such spaces which do not show up on the official blueprints at all. Persistent rumors exist of entire, fully-outfitted machinery spaces which do not officially exist on the ship's drawings.

Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. Person in charge of setting up recreational opportunities during a port call or shore det. A usually sarcastic measure of one's level of enjoyment of an evolution. If someone says his fun meter is pegged, chances are that he is not enjoying himself. Aviation A turning fight in which multiple friendly and hostile aircraft are mixed. Aviation The acceleration forces felt by aircrews when maneuvering. Specific type is generally deduced from context of the radio call, e.

To blow off or ignore something. Also used to refer to any unwanted item. Aviation Radio directive for maximum attainable speed. Vessel of the amphibious force. Amphibious warfare cargo ship. A grease stain on one's uniform, gained by leaning up against or bumping a wire cable , many of which are found on and about Gators.

Gawkers, Walkers, and Talkers: They can usually be found cluttering up passageways or decks where real work is being done. This supposedly goes back to when bread was usually pretty stale and its taste could be improved by dunking it in milk. It was carried over to the practice of putting ice cream into soda. Gedunk apparently was first used specifically to refer to ice cream sodas or sundaes in a comic strip called "Harold Teen" which was drawn by Carl Ed.

National Defense Service Medal. Considered meaningless, it was awarded to anyone who served in a certain time frame during and subsequent to the Vietnam War. Pronounced with soft 'g,' knowledge, information, or intelligence data. USN subs An underwater telephone, it allows communications by voice or whistle signals.

Pronounced as separate words, 'get home itis,' the tendency to ignore potentially significant problems when homeward bound, especially in aviation circles. Accomplish the mission; refers to checking off a training requirement as complete. Pushing to get the X is often a contributing factor in mishaps. Bear, Pitter the guy in the pit.

Literally, the "Guy In Back". More common in Air Force usage, refers to the backseater pilot, non-pilot, or NFO of a 2-place tactical aircraft. On a uniform, a line formed by the buttoned shirt, a crease on the belt buckle, and the trousers' fly.

If your gig line isn't straight, you hear about it at personnel inspections. Highly technical or detailed: Voice imitative radio deception. UK An unofficial flag flown to signify that a ship's wardroom has free drinks or a celebration underway. Usually green, with a wine or cocktail glass on it. Under the Rules of the Nautical Road, a vessel which is required to maneuver to avoid another vessel during a crossing, overtaking, or meeting situation.

A piece of technical gear. A horizontal extension of the top surface of the instrument panel, designed to shade the instruments from sun glare.

G-induced Loss Of Consciousness. Pronounced 'gee-lock' with soft 'g' and long 'e. Non-specific training on military matters, often assigned as NJP. Since this timezone is designated by the letter "Z," it is also known as Zulu time. Chiefs' Quarters and Mess. The term originated during the era of wooden ships, when Chiefs were given charge of the milk goats on board. Nowadays more a term of respect for the age of its denizens.

An evolution which is going not at all well; disorganized; chaotic. Archaic term, etiology unknown. Radio pro-word used to report that an undersea object has been detected. Sin Bosun, Sky Bosun. The acceleration due to gravity. Any non-alcoholic drink why bother? RN A large wave. Usually shouted as a warning. That one bullet or shell that ruins your or your opponent's day in a dogfight or when conducting ground attacks.

The mythical last rivet which completes a ship. Generally found in the depths of the engineering spaces, a maneuver used to get a female guest to bend over. One who has crossed the Equator at the International Date Line. RN To sleep, perchance to dream. The rendezvous point for aircraft carrier battle groups off the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

An asymmetrical loadout of stores on an aircraft. Information, or the 'inside scoop'. The call for all hands to man battle stations. Often used prepare the crew to react to a potential emergency. For example, a ship will call away general quarters for a major fuel or oil leak in the engineering spaces to prepare in case a fire results. RN form is Action Stations. Horsing around, skylarking, etc. Unmilitary or undisciplined behavior. Grand Slam track number or method: Radio call for the successful SPLASH destruction of the indicated hostile air track which can be comprised of one or more aircraft or missiles.

Jersey Colors Grape Sig: An easy signature on your qual card, generally given in return for a favor. The signature is traditionally in purple ink, and the practice is frowned upon. RN The Royal Navy surface fleet. Refers to the practice of lubricating the ways or skids upon which a ship was built, just prior to her launching.

Now used to refer to facilitating something. The activation knob for the emergency oxygen in an aircraft. An obsolete term used in submarines to indicate status of various hull openings, and therefore the ability of the boat to submerge safely.

A properly closed hull opening was indicated by a green light. An open, or unsafe, closure was indicated by a red light. A signboard used to track and display landing scores of the pilots of a carrier squadron. Solid water a swell or wave coming aboard. Radio pro word for a friendly ground attack cruise missile. UK Pusser's rum mixed with two parts water. So called from the name of the officer that regularized the issue of watered rum aboard British ships. Admiral Vernon was referred to as 'Old Grog' for his habit of wearing overcoats made of a material called grogram.

RN Ugly or unattractive, especially a member of the opposite sex. A disorganized or confused evolution. Literally, a species of fish. A Marine or, more generally, an infantryman. Speed Jeans, Speed Slacks. A piece of gear worn by flight crews in tactical aircraft. Uses compressed air to squeeze the calves, thighs, and stomach to reduce the blood-pooling effects of hard maneuvering, i.

RCN Naval weapons ratings. To mark a maintenance or PMS check as complete without doing the work, especially when intentionally falsifying logs or records, filling in the blanks just before an inspection.

Responsible for the air-launched weapons. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant E Junior officer living spaces. Back in the days of sail, the midshipmen and junior lieutenants lived on the gun deck, in a partitioned-off area known as the gunroom.

Food, often not particularly appetizing or nutritious. One who hacks the problem gets the job done, come what may. A party at which a soon-to-be-detached officer the farewell and his replacement the hail are feted. A military mission emphasizing Harassment and Interdiction of enemy forces and supply routes. A party celebrating the midpoint of a submarine cruise. A corruption of 'haul yard,' in modern usage refers to lines used to hoist flag signals on a ship's mast. Executed carefully or deliberately.

Does not necessarily mean 'slowly. Aviation An aircraft that never seems to be in flyable condition, it often sits in a corner and provides spare parts for serviceable aircraft instead. Berths suspended from the overhead in a torpedo room in diesel-electric and older nuke subs.

Aviation A safety altitude expressed as AGL. If an aircraft breaks the hard deck, it is considered a safety-of-flight violation a serious transgression.

Commonly feet AGL. To destroy a unit. Location or locations on an aircraft's wings and fuselage where weapons or other stores can be hung. Unless applied with caution, can damage the rudder system.

An aircraft which lacks high lift devices flaps, slats, slots, droops, etc. Opposite of Soft Wing. An opening in the deck, and its closure. Sometimes incorrectly used to mean a watertight door, which is mounted vertically in a bulkhead.

Even purely authoritative servers respond with amplified referral responses, or amplified responses for 'ANY' queries. This makes it easier for the attacker to orchestrate a reflection attack with smaller number of queries. The internet has seen many such attacks in near past, most famous of which was the Spamhaus DDoS attack, where multiple DNS servers were tricked into sending a gigantic amount of traffic to Spamhaus servers, thereby choking it down.

Although there is no way to identify the legitimacy of a single query on UDP, but preventive actions can be taken if the DNS servers can identify potentially malicious queries. As DNS clients and resolvers are expected to cache the responses, if a lot of queries originate from single source asking for similar names within a specified time window, they can be flagged as potentially malicious. The obvious prevention is not to respond. Overall, with RRL enabled, the Windows DNS server will put an upper limit to the number of similar responses that it will send to clients from the same subnet.

To enable it the admin has to input. The admin can also alter the settings of Response Rate Limiting as per the deployment needs. These settings are as under:. Response Rate Limiting Exception Lists.

Even on the DNS servers which have RRL enabled the administrators can identify some high priority domains, known benign subnets and dedicated server interfaces from which repeated queries of similar types may originate.

Such examples include the health monitoring systems, interfaces serving secure internal networks or the FQDNs for newly released applications that are expected to have a spike of queries. To ensure that the RRL does not have any negative impact on their name resolution, the admin can add them to an RRL exception list.

This can be done using following cmdlet. Also tell us how you plan to use RRL in your environment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Please consider backporting to Windows Server R2. Infrastructure can have a very long life. There is a precedent. WMF 5 has been backported even though mainstream support has ended. Even if it is at the level of an Optional update or hotfix.

It helps Windows Server be a good network citizen. One of the widely debated behaviour of an authoritative name servers is the nature of the response it.

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In many ways, equivalent to a felony conviction.

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Usually filled with oakum.

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